League History
The cricket club was founded by members of Oakworth Wesleyan Church in 1893. Members had previously played friendly matches from circa 1885 against other church-based teams in the area. 
League matches commenced in 1893 under jurisdiction of the now-defunct Keighley & District League within the Craven Cricket Union. 
Until 1900 there were other clubs in the village, principally the Oakworth Church C.C., an Anglican team. In 1901 all the clubs in Oakworth amalgamated to form Oakworth C.C., the present club.
Oakworth C.C. have played League cricket in 4 Leagues since 1893
 Keighley & District League 1893-1895, 1897, 1900, 1905-1911 & 1913-1931
 Craven Senior League 1896, 1899, & 1901 to 1904
 West Bradford League 1912 & 1932 to 1978
 Craven & District League 1979 to date

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 Heaviest defeats batting second 07/10/2008
 Heaviest defeats batting first  09/06/2007
 Heaviest wins batting first 14/04/2008
 Heaviest wins batting second    


 Appearances - Oakworth First XI since 1893 (all matches) 18/10/2018
 Debuts in the Craven League from 1979 25/10/2015
 Current players appearances First XI 15/09/2015
 Highest Innings in League & Wynn Cup matches 15/09/2015
 Highest scores by an opener 15/09/2015
 Highest scores by a number 11


 Dominant innings by Oaks batsmen 1893-2004 02/11/2010
 Tons at Cure Hill 28/09/2015
 Tons on Tour 28/09/2015
 Most league fifties in a career      18/10/2018
 Most league fifties in a season      28/09/2015
 First XI All Time all match (League/Cup) Batting Averages 18/10/2018
 How the lads got out (Craven League) 28/09/2015
 Most runs in a season (all matches) 28/09/2015
 Most sixes in a match 28/09/2015
 Most sixes in a season 28/09/2015
 8-Fors at Cure Hill 28/09/2015
 8-Fors on Tour 16/09/2015
 First XI All all matches (League & Cup) Bowling Averages 18/10/2018
 Most wickets in a season (all matches) 28/09/2015
 Most Five-fors in a career    
 Current First & Second XI Partnership records  28/09/2015
 Wkt by wkt stands vs CDL clubs (1979 to date)  28/09/2015
 100 partnerships                      28/09/2015
 Best opposition bowlers (Craven League)


 First XI fielding (1979 to date) 18/10/2018
 First XI wicket-keeping (1966 to date) 18/10/2018
 Most appearances 28/09/2015
 Most runs 28/09/2015
 Most wickets 28/09/2015
 Most appearances 05/09/2011
 Most runs 05/09/2011
 Most wickets


 KEIGHLEY CUP 20-20    
Most appearances 2009-2018
Most runs 2009-2018
Most wickets 2009-2018